Monitor Connection Types


VGA Port

Old school analog port, only used with older equipment and servers these days. If your computer was made before 2015 it most likely has one of these ports. Some new computers also have this for backwards compatibility with older monitors. They look similar to Digital Video Interface/DVI ports.


The most common type of connector overall, normally used with TVs, but it's also used with monitors. It can also move audio through it, if your monitor has speakers.


This is the most common type of port used in office environments. It has 2 variants used, but the vast majority of DisplayPort cables are the large kind. They almost look like HDMI, except it has 1 bent corner instead of 2.

Digital Video Interface (DVI)

This connector is like VGA that it is pretty much no longer used in modern times, but sometimes it still is used, especially if you have a computer made before 2015.

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